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A Rank Tracker Built For All

Whether you're an SEO agency, internet marketer or an online business owner, SERPMarker is the perfect tool to analyze, track and manage your websites. From rank tracking, keyword suggest & analyze, third party metrics from MOZ , etc to website audit SERPMarker has it all.

Designed with a modern yet powerful interface , SERPMarker is user friendly and easy to use. Track local area keywords, youtube & mobile keywords from multiple search engines, all displayed on your desktop.

Accuracy & Precision

Our algorithm tracks keyword rankings with an accuracy of 99% across all search engines. All results are displayed to you daily, automatically in beautiful charts on our modern interface.

Not Just Rank-Tracking

Get keyword suggestions, competition analysis, website auditing, metrics from MOZ, and and even social signals. We are more than a rank tracker because we know the game.

Responsive Support

Our support team is responsive and will respond within a short time to all queries. We are dedicated in providing world-class customer services by listening to not only your problems but also suggestions.

SERPMarker's features

Automatic Rank Updates

Our system updates your keyword's SERPs multiple times daily on autopilot, or you could update them on-demand with just a simple click.

Site Auditor

Audit your websites and gain an insight about onsite SEO, performance and backlinks data coupled with a comprehensive report.


Keyword Finder

Research and find new keyword terms for your project that comes with important data like keyword monthly volume, CPC and competition.


Third Party Analytical Data

Access Moz,, SEMRush & Alexa data through SERPMarker. We know the metrics that matters!

Report White-Labeling

Customize our white label reports to your needs and export them in PDF or Excel format. Report scheduling and emailing is also available.

ShareView Project Sharing

Share your project's progress with your clients or publicly with SERPMarker's ShareView where you can choose whether to censor out vital data.

Advanced Filtering and Customization

Filter and tweak details to show what's important and what matters to you.

Multi Search Engines

Track all the 3 main search engines Google, Yahoo & Bing accurately and accurately under SERPMarker.

Competitor Analysis

Track and audit your competitors and see what and how they are ranking for.


  • “I was a beta tester for Serpmarker for a few months now and OP has done a good work with the platform. One thing I like about this platform is the DA & PA along with Majestic CF & TF addition all-in-one. Good thing again is that the ranking are ACCURATE! Easy to use platform and what more? Check it out yourself and I promise you will like it.”
    T2kid VIP member
  • “Pretty Simple and straight forward rank tracking system. Easy to use interface that has many features. Besides tracking your rankings you can also track lots of other metrics like CF,TF,PA,DA etc. You can also see the CPC, monthly searches, KW competition and alot of other relevant information about your keywords on one platform. All in all it is a very handy tool when it comes to tracking over all performance and health of your sites”
    Nabeel Shamsad VIP member
  • “Tracked a few websites over the last week. All rankings appear to be accurate and it works very well, just as advertised.”
    I know SEO Moderator
  • “I was part of Beta Tester for this serp marking too. Too be frank, I was not able to find even a single bug in this tool as it is quite complete. Some Features: 1. The only tool in market which let's you know about DA & PA at one single page along with Majestic CF & TF (Cross Checked with My very own majestic account and everything is getting matched). 2. Another Factor is alexa Rank, it shows rank for our site with various campaigns. 3. Moz Rank is displayed too with the campaign and I got backlink from Moz too. It is a great tool and yes it will rock the IM and SEO Field. Serpbook, you got a strong competitor man!”
    Soccerlover VIP member
  • “I was part of Beta Tester for this tool . This tool works perfectly without any bug and yes! its shows DA & PA along with Majestic CF & TF at one single page which you can't find on other tools. It also shows Alexa and Moz rank for your site in the camping. The report generating system works perfectly. It can generate your whole camping report within seconds.If you are looking to get accurate keyword ranking and tracking results in an easy way, then serpmarker may be the best choice for you.”
    Toughboy VIP member
  • “Was given the review pack to test his services. I would like to say that it was best serp test i have seen since my beginning 5 years. moreover they have some other features and tools they were perfect too. Very professional communication great service”
    Agibarif74 VIP member
  • “I was the beta tester of serpmarker, i witnessed lot of improvements made during beta testing in UI and performance. With this tool you can track keyword rankings for your website/url in google, yahoo and bing, also you can keyword ranking for your youtube video in youtube. In this cloud based tool you can track the PA/DA/CF/TF/Alexa rank/Social signals count for your website in one place. Also, you will get keywords monthly search count, cpc, seo competition for each and every keyword you are tracking. These features are not available in most of the keyword tracking tools. Everyone has to try it! Recommended!”
    alternatesword VIP member